Icons for the application and options for providing them

    If you have difficulties with providing icons for your mobile app, read the following options:

    1st option

    Answer questions in the icon design questionnaire through our designer https://goo.gl/forms/Jew48nAYdKlr7CMo1
    (the service is paid, is included in the package of promotion “To Start”, for other packages the cost of works — 4000 rubles).
    The designer's work includes: pre-assembly of the application, providing 3 types of icons (startup icon, icon at loading, icon in markets) for approval, based on technical specification. After approval of icons, the designer prepares all the necessary sizes of icons for the mobile application.

    Technical requirement must first contain a detailed text description of the content: background color, shape fill color, shapes and their description as detailed as possible. We will be grateful for any additional images and sketches, examples if the icon If you find it difficult to choose the content of the icon, then you can look at our current customer applications, and get an understanding of what the icon usually contains by link: Link to our apps

    The app uses 5 types of icons:

  • 1- icon in app markets
  • 2- splash screen (icon showed once the app is launching)
  • 3- app start icon
  • 4- banner for Google Play market
  • 5-icons of cars/objects moving on the map, size 42x42 pixels (optional, you can use the standard ones)

  • main-menu

    2nd option

    You provide with an icon in vector format (source) resolutions: *Ai, *EPS, *CDR. And we will form all the necessary sizes of icons from this file for free.

    3st option

    You provide icons of all the required formats described above in *PNG format, dimensions in pixels.

    Required icon sizes to create a mobile application
    (dimensions in pixels, extension *PNG):

    Launch icon Splash screen Icon for markets
      29 x 29
      36 x 36
      40 x 40
      48 x 48
      50 x 50
      57 x 57
      58 x 58
      60 x 60
      72 x 72
      76 x 76
      80 x 80
      87 x 87
      96 x 96
      100 x 100
      114 x 114
      120 x 120
      144 x 144
      152 x 152
      180 x 180
      192 x 192

    Please send your icons or design layouts to gsk@bitmaster.ru and the CC should be sent to you account manager's mail. The subject should contain your ID