Introduction of Taxi-Master

    Contact Information

    Current Taxi Master version release

    Specify the version of the Taxi Master complex installed

    Help - About - Database version for assembly, for example (TaxoPhone 10.0 requires version 3.7)

    pplication Geography

    Specify the radius in kilometers where your company work

    Customers will not be able to accidentally create an order from cities that are not included in your company's working coverage area

    Creating the App Store Developer Account and Google Play Privacy Policy


    Создайте свой аккаунт Apple
    с помощью пошаговой инструкции

    You need a developer account to display apps on iOS (for iPhone). Apple requires that the app is uploaded not by the developer, but by the content owner. When registering an account, you can specify the name of the company or the name of an individual entrepreneur — they will be displayed under the app name in the AppStore, so when registering, pay attention to what type of account you will create an account.

    Create an account


    Submit the privacy policy text in a Google document, set up view-only access, and copy the link.How to do that?

    The privacy policy must be posted in the app. Create your document using Guide to creating a privacy policy

    Create document

    Application name

    Your app may have different names for mobile devices and for the Play Market and AppStore.

    * For mobile devices, select a short name, up to 10 characters, otherwise it will not fit under the icon.

    * Store does not approve applications with the same names. To check the uniqueness of the title, type it in the Search field for Play Market and AppStore.

    Maps and geocoding

    Yandex (key required, free)2GIS (key required, free)OpenStreetMap (key required, free)Google (key required, free)Google Satellite (key required, free)
    To display Yandex maps, you need to get a free key
    Find out how to get the key to display Yandex card MapKit

    To visually display Google/2GIS/OSM maps, you need to get a free key
    Learn how to get a key for displaying Google/2GIS / OSM maps



    OpenStreetMap (OSM)


    Google Satellite


    Yandex (25000 requests are free per day)Google (requires a key separate from maps, paid)2GIS (requires key separate from cards, paid)Taxi Master ServerServer Taxi Master then YandexServer Taxi Master and YandexLocal DirectoryLocal directory then YandexLocal Directory and YandexTMGeoServiceTMGeoService and YandexTMGeoService then YandexTMGeoservice and Taxi Master ServerTMGeoService and Google (Google key required, paid)TMGeoService then Google (Google key required, paid)TM and Google (Google key required, paid)

    Type the key for Yandex geocoder (JavaScript API and HTTP Geocoder):

    Link to the instructions for getting the Yandex Geocoder key (JavaScript API and HTTP Geocoder)

    The key is required if you use the Yandex address source

    Укажите ключ для Google геокодера:

    Ссылка на инструкцию для получения ключа Google

    The key is required if you use the Google geocoder address source

    Learn more about geocoding sources (address database)

    IMPORTANT! Please read carefully the description of geocoding types before choosing!

    TMGeoSevice(NEW!) - our free cloud service, which is implemented on the basis of OpenStreetMap maps, it will save you from a large number of maps on your server, the service searches for addresses and paves routes on all over Russia:

    • Recognition correctness depends on the completeness of the TMGeoSevice database;
    • Search is carried out by 3 characters;
    • address search speed depends on the speed of internet on the customer's phone.
    • no need to keep cards on your server

    “ Taxi Master” server- address recognition through your server “Taxi Master”. Works as when addresses are recognizing in the card order.
    The address source for the application is:

    • Map connected to the workplace (addresses are taken from the map from the workplace where in the settings the check box in File - Settings - TMAPI - "You can use this workplace by TMServer to address recognition.” This check box can be selected at several workplaces (depending on the power of computers), because the main requirement is to find at least one of the jobs with this setting in running state because this setting affects address recognition and cost calculation in the application. If this setting or workplaces are disabled, the addresses will not be recognized and the cost calculation will not work);
    • Database “Taxi Master” (street directory, directory of points in TM (it is important that points have coordinates, otherwise the cost calculation will be incorrect) saved in the database of addresses from online maps (if saved)).


    • The ability to adjust addresses, as opposed to the local dictionary, change in the application after saving in the map or in the database;
    • 3 character hints.


    • If there are incorrect addresses or matching items in the map or database, they will also be displayed in the application.
    • The speed of addresses recognition depends on the speed of the Internet on the TM server and on the client's smartphone.

    Server “Taxi Master” then Yandex - the address is searched first through the Server “Taxi Master”, and then, if the address is not found, on Yandex servers.
    Server “Taxi Master” and Yandex - address search is carried out simultaneously through the Server “Taxi Master” and Yandex.
    Local directory - the address database that is loaded into the application during its development is formed from your Open Street Map (OSM) map or from a Polish format map. The map itself, before transferring to us, is finalized by you for the completeness of the address base. In the future, addresses are unloaded from this map and attached to the application. This local directory can be used instead of the Yandex address database, but visually the map shell may remain from Yandex map (regular or vernacular) or OSM Online.

    • 3 character hints;
    • The search speed is higher than other types of geocoding because the local directory is in the assembly of the application downloaded and installed on the smartphone from the markets (the speed of determining the address does not depend on internet speed).


    • The local directory is installed once in the application, and no further adjustment of addresses is possible.

    Local directory then Yandex - address search is carried out first in the local directory and then, if the address is not found, on Yandex servers.

    Local directory and Yandex- address search is carried out simultaneously through local directory and Yandex

    2Gis - request coordinates via 2Gis server - requires API key (paid, for more detailes contact your account manager)
    Google - request coordinates via Google server - Google API key is required.
    Яндекс - coordinate request via Yandex server:

    • Correctness of recognition depends on the completeness of the Yandex database;
    • Search is carried out by a whole word (hints on the 3rd characters entered are not displayed);
    • Address search speed depends on the speed of Internet on the client's phone and on the “Taxi Master” server.

    City and company choice



    Used if there are 2 or more taxi companies in the Taxi Master, or the application connects to more than 2 servers of the Taxi Master of different services operating in the same city.


    Company Description

    Specify information about the company

    The information will be displayed in the “About Company” menu section

    Specify information about tariffs for users

    The information will be displayed in the "Tarrifs menг section"

    Online payments and Google Pay

    Payment via Google Pay


    Using Google Pay requires:

    1) The integration for online payment with the company “Billing systems” - Russia. Contact your account manager to set up the integration;
    2) To create a Google Play Developer account (link to the account registration instructions link to the account registration instructions);
    3) After the purchase of the account to upload the photo/scan of the a valid government ID (main page) in the developer console to prove the identity;
    4) To fill in the contact information about the company in the developer account and business profile for Gpay link to the instructions for filling the developer data and business profile Gpay) ;
    5) With the BIT Master's tech support, transfer the old version of the application to your account. For these please prepare the information of the email to which your account is connected, and registration payment identifier (25$), the identifier can be found at the link);
    6) With the BIT Master's tech support, before relesing an update with Google Pay, pass the check through Google representatives, filling in the data for verification in the business profile Google Pay by attaching screenshots showing the work of Gpay;
    7) After checking the application you will get an Approval mail from Google. Please let the tech support know about it Learn more about payment systems and integration from the account manager.

    for more information about payment systems and integration, please contact your personal Manager.

    Available for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Europe, USA


    You need to sign a contract with companies that provide acquiring services, with which Taxi master Has integration. For example:

    - Treasurer (Russia);
    - Billing systems (Central checkout) - Russia and Kazakhstan in the future;
    - Paid (Uzbekistan);
    - Assistance to Belarus (Republic of Belarus);
    - RBK Money and stripe (Europe);
    - CloudPayments (Kazakhstan and Europe);
    - MyPOS (Lithuania).

    for more information about payment systems, please contact your personal manager.


    Encoding works only with payment systems: "Billing systems" (Central checkout) and "Paymaster". Encoding will allow you to check for the presence of funds on the client's Bank card, which will avoid situations when at the end of the trip it turns out that there is no money, and the driver released the client.


    If this feature is enabled, a window appears in the app with additional payment confirmation and waiting for the transaction to be completed.

    Order statuses from the application in the program

    What should be the app order's status name in the Taxi master?

    For example: Order via the app

    What should be the app order's status name in the Taxi master if there is no geographical coordinates?

    For example: Order via the app without coordinates

    What should be the app order's status name if the client cancel the order?

    For example: Cancelled


    Should blacklist clients be able to create an order via the app?

    Alert by order status

    Howto notify customers by order states:
    Just push messagesPush messages, calls and SMSPush messages and SMSPush messages and call-back


    Select the color for the application in the TaxoPhone Color Designer. It's better if it matches the main color of the logo.

    Like an iconAs a standard hamburger button (“harmonica”)

    Yes, a quick start screen is neededNo, no quick start screen needed
    A quick start screen is the first-seen screen after launching an application that displays a map with vehicles on it. Here the customer can quickly point the pickup address by choosing from the history of orders or quickly enter edit mode



    Quick mode - choice of tariff, payment method and preferences- all on one screen.

    Full mode - the order is created on two screens: the first screen is for address and choice of tariff, and the second is for the payment method, preferences and time.


    Optional to fillRequired to fillHide field from filling


    Enable the ability to create pre-orders?

    Add the option to specify the flight number of the plane or bus for pre-orders


    Allow you to create an order if there are no free cabs in the selected class?
    AllowDo not allow

    For taxi services that work with legal entities only under the contract and accept payment only from the company's account

    HideDo not hide

    For services that work with companies that carry their employees

    HideDo not hide

    Displaing vehicles icons on the map

    Yes, displayNo, do not display

    Which cabs to display on the start screen map?
    Only freeFree and busy

    What cab's class to display on the map of the start screen?
    Only cars according to the selected class of carCars of all classes

    Specify the frequency of crew coordinates refresh on the start screen (once every N seconds):

    !!!Important!!! Minimum value is once every 15 seconds, but if you have a large fleet and a large number of orders, the lower the value, the greater the load on your TMServer, and it can also be reflected in application performance, and battery consumption of the phone.

    Specify the display radius of cabs on the map from the pick up point:

    Specify the number of crews to be displayed within the specified radius:

    !!!Important!!! The more machines you display, the more the user's phone battery is spent, we recommend to specify no more than 7 crews!!! The display of crews and their movement is very complex functionality, which affects a large number of requests for the display and movement of machines on the map, putting a load on your phone and your TMServer

    Which cabs to display on the autosearch screen?

    If the passenger sees a lot of cars on the map, he decides that the taxi service is large and reliable, he is quietly waiting for the car.

    Only freeAll cabs

    Selection of tariffs and their content

    Users will see the preliminary cost of a trip on cars of different classes, additional descriptions and photos of cars.

    Yes, set the range of tariffsNo, you don't need to choose fares

    Write the names of fares and their parameters: the minimum cost of the trip, the price per km in the city and outside the city, approximate car models


    • 1) Economy: from 50 rubles, 10 rubles / km in the city, 15 rubles / km outside the city, Lada Granta, Vesta
    • 2) Comfort: from 75 rubles, 13 rubles / km in the city, 17 rubles / km outside the city, Ford, Hyundai, Kia
    • 3) Business: from 100 rubles, 15 rubles / km in the city, 19 rubles / km outside the city, Mercedes-Benz S-klasse, BMW 7er

    You can also send image files of cars for a detailed description of the images to your personal Manager, or ask a technical support employee to upload photos of cars of certain models (requirements: images must be approximately the same size and proportions, as well as on a white or transparent background).

    When choosing a fare, users will see beautiful icons that will be associated with the class of car that is calculated for this fare, and you can also choose which set of icons you need, or send your own version.

    Set №1Set №2Custom set
    Set №1
    Set №2

    Yes, configureNo

    If you have many similar tariffs, you can combine them into a group. For example, if you have a lot of trucks or minivans with different capacity characteristics.

    main-menu main-menu

    Yes, as a link to the siteYes, as a cardNo, we do not need tariffs for advertising business partners

    If you have business partners, or you have an additional business that you would like to advertise, then the app has the ability to add a special tariff to the set of tariffs, by selecting which the user can go to the business partner's contact card (with a button to go to the site) or immediately open the partner's site inside the app. The number of clicks to the partner's site is tracked in a special personal account using the Yandex. Metrica of actions in the app. for each click to the site, you can take some money from the business partner at will. To implement the partner card, you will need: the content of the data that should be presented in the card (an icon for the tariff, a picture of the company logo, the company name, contact information, a link to the site). To implement the display of the site itself, you only need a link to the site and an icon to select in the rates. For more information about the partner's card, contact your personal Manager.

    the name of the tariff, company name, website link, what should be the icon in the tariff, the link to the picture of the company's business partner for the display card, company overview and contact information

    main-menu main-menu main-menu

    Yes, configureNo

    To inform app users about the increased cost of the trip with the reason for the increase.

    main-menu main-menu

    For example: Increased rate. The fare was temporarily increased due to the high workload of the fleet

    Cab selection

    Customers will be able to choose the cab from the most suitableUse autosearch and auto-selection of cabs

    The list of cabsCabs on the mapNot needed

    Display the driver's photo and name when creating an order?

    Yes, displayNo

    For the correct functioning you will need to upload a photo of drivers in the directory of drivers TM, otherwise the standard driver icon will be displayed, as well as check the correctness of filled full name drivers (instead of name you can use a nickname, filled next to the driver's name)


    Order cost

    PreliminaryFinalDo not display cost

    Preferences for the order

    Write what preferences or requests the customer can add to the order

    For different class of cars you can offer different preferences

    For example:

  • Standard - Non-Smoking Salon, Smoking Salon, Baby Seat, Animal Transportation
  • Comfort - Air conditioning, Meeting with plate, Non-smoking salon, Smoking salon, Baby seat, Animal transportation.
  • car-map

    Speed up the order

    Set up the speeding up the order?

    Customers will be able to increase the cost of an order to speed up taxi arrival

    Yes, set up speeding up the orderNo

    Fill in the list of attributes that increase the order price:

    Addresses Recognition

    Is it possible for the customer to make an order if the addresses are not filled?

    Is it possible to make an order with unrecognized addresses?

    Display a notification before making the order if the addresses are not filled or recognized?

    Do customers need to set the destination address?

    Cancel reasons

    Ask the user to specify the reason to cancel?

    Yes, askNo

    It helps to analyze why customers cancel orders via the app

    List all possible reasons for canceling orders:

    For example: High cost; long delivery time


    Setting up a communication button (icon with tube on the map)?

    When pressed, dial the driver's personal numberWhen pressed, dial the dispatcher office numberWhen pressed connect customer and driver via Oktell at the expense of your companyDo not use the button

    Registration in the app

    SMS messageBy voice messa

    Immediately after launchDuring order creation

    Show field but make optional to fillShow the field and make it mandatory to fillHide the field

    Email is required to send information on the completed order (check). Condition: there must be the mail server and the template for sending a letter with a check on the completed order configured in the Taxi Master.


    What channel to use to send an SMS with a confirmation code?

    Learning Screens

    Learning screens will help learn to create orders faster

    Show learning screens on first startupDo not show learning screens on first startup

    3 template screensI will Order individual ones from YouMy own

    - The maximum number of screens is 5 PCs.+ background (if necessary). The service is included in the "start", "attention" and "March" promotion packages.
    - The "Base" package includes 3 free < u>template < /u> layouts;
    - Without the package, the service is paid: 3 screens – 4000 rubles; 5 screens – 5000 rubles.
    - Send your designed training screen layouts in a resolution of 1440x2560 pixels to

    Promotion screen

    This screen appears when you start the application at a specified frequency. Using the Promotion screen, the taxi will be able to advertise its services.

    Yes, the promotion screen is neededNo, no screen needed

    Creating multiple orders and synchronize orders

    If the customer call a taxi by phone, the order will be displayed in the app

    Yes, synchronization is neededNo, no synchronization is not needed


    Driver rating system

    Do I show the driver rating in the mobile app?


    Write the class of cars to display the rating for

    What rating should I display?
    Display any ratingDisplay only the highest rating, not lower than

    enter a number up to 5

    How many times do customers have to rate a crew in order for their rating to be displayed in the app?
    To display the rating for any number of assessmentsTo display the rating only if the crew have a lot of ratings not less than

    enter a number

    How often do I need to update the crew rating information?

    once a day,once every 2 days, once every 3 days, 0 - immediately

    Let customers add the driver to favorites?


    Let customers add the driver to the blacklist?

    Bonuses, referral system and promo codes

    Set up paying for travel with bonuses?

    Set up a referral system in the application? (Works only with bonuses)

    The user will receive a referral code at the end of the trip. If he shares the code with a friend who hasn't used the app before, both will get bonuses on their accounts. The referral system helps attract new users to the app.


    How many bonuses should be assigned to the code owner and the invited client?

    How often do I need to notify the client about the referral code:

    Should I use the app link in the share message?(only the referral system is enabled and the vcard site is available)

    A link to the app automatically appears in the text of the message that the user shares with friends on social networks. If "TaxoPhone" is installed on the user's device, the application is launched and the referral code is automatically inserted. If "TaxoPhone" is not installed, the user goes to the business card site and sees links to markets. For example: use the code "NAH 1" and get 100 bonuses for the first trip (link to the app)

    Text of a message to a friend when sharing a referral code (before the link to the app):

    When you click on the share button, this text is placed in social networks (on a friend's wall, as a personal message), messengers, and SMS messages.

    Set up functionality on the use of promo codes (discount cards)?

    Promo codes will help to track the effectiveness of promotions: if you place different codes on different ads, when customers start entering codes in the app you can calculate what advertising has attracted more attention


    Order history

    Write the maximum number of orders to display in history


    Additional promotion

    You will be able to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, track the number of applications installations from these sources


    Sravni Taxi is a mobile app where users can compare prices for a trip at once in several taxi companies. If the user chooses your service from the list, he will enter your app or download page and be able to order a taxi.

    NoYes, integration is needed

    In the 2GIS mobile application, when building a route, there is a taxi tab, which displays a list of taxi services that submit the car on this route, with the display of the logo, prices, of the approximate submission time. When you select a taxi service from the list, the mobile application of the selected taxi service is automatically opened, where addresses, tariff, price are inserted. If the application is not installed, a market is opened to download the app. This integration with 2GIS is another additional source of promotion and advertising of your application and taxi service as a whole. Please check the prices with your account manager.

    NoYes, integration is needed

    Yes, access is neededNo

    Via the Metric Cabinet, you can view the number of app installs and create orders for each ad channel.