Simplified questionnaire to update from 10.0 to 11.0

    Step 1 - Contact Information

    Step 2 - Interface


    This is the large scope with cars on it. This screen allows you to quickly fill in the destination address if
    there were trips earlier, and quickly go to edit address mode.



    Quick mode - choice of addresses, tariff, payment method and preferences, all on the same screen.

    Full mode - the order is created on two screens: the first screen is for address and choice
    of tariff, and the second is for the payment method, preferences and time.






    HideDo no hide

    For taxi services that work with legal entities only under the contract and accept payment
    only from the company's account

    Step 3 - Map selection

    Yandex (requires Yandex key, free)2GIS (Google key required, free)OpenStreetMap (Google key required, free)Google (Google key required, free)Google satellite (Google key required, free)



    OpenStreetMap (OSM)


    Google спутник


    Instructions for creating keys:

    Yande MapKit or Google

    The key is necessary if you use the visual shell of Yandex or Google maps (2Gis, OSM), otherwise there will be a
    blank screen Started from 10.0 2Gis and OSM shells also require a Google key, as libraries previously used to
    display 2GIS and OSM maps are unsupported now.

    Step 4 - Google Pay

    Payment via Google Pay


    Using Google Pay requires:

    1) The integration for online payment with the company “Billing systems” - Russia. Contact your account manager
    to set up the integration
    2)To create a Google Play Developer account (link to the account registration instructions href="">link to the account
    registration instructions);
    3) After the purchase of the account to upload the photo/scan of the a valid government ID (main page) in the
    developer console to prove the identity;
    4) To fill in the contact information about the company in the developer account and business profile for Gpay
    (link to the
    instructions for filling the developer data and business profile Gpay
    ) ;
    5) With the BIT Master's tech support, transfer the old version of the application to your account. For these
    please prepare the information of the email to which your account is connected, and registration payment
    identifier (25$), the identifier can be found at the
    6) With the BIT Master's tech support, before relesing an update with Google Pay, pass the check through Google
    representatives, filling in the data for verification in the business profile Google Pay by attaching
    screenshots showing the work of Gpay;
    7) After checking the application you will get an Approval mail from Google. Please let the tech support know
    about it.

    Learn more about payment systems and integration from the account manager.

    Step 5 - Choice of tariffs

    Users will see nice icons that will be associated with the class of car, which is
    linked for this tariff. You may choose which icons set you need, or send your own images.

    Set №1Set №2Your set
    Set №1
    Set №2

    Icons for holidays

    Yes, addNo, don't need

    YellowWhiteBlackMake your set of holiday icons

    Step 6 - Current TM Version

    Specify the release version of the “Taxi Master” complex installed:

    Help - About - Database version for assembly, for example (TaxoPhone 10.0 requires version

    Click to save and send the questionnaire to the specified E-mail