Simplified questionnaire to update from 14.0

    Step 1 - Contact Information

    Step 2 - Interface

    What will be the primary color of your app? Choose the app color in the TaxoPhone Color Designer.

    It shall preferably match the primary color of the logo (Example: Color code in the format #ffc107).

    (you can write - leave the old one, or specify a new app color if you want to replace the old color)

    What color will the icons (menu, navigation, order list) be on the main screen?

    Same as the app colorOther
    Specify the color of the track in the app?
    (as the color in the app)

    Is the quick start screen to be turned on?


    The large visibility scope of the map, with the visible cars. This screen will allow you to quickly fill in the destination address if you have previously traveled, as well as quickly switch to address editing mode.

    Select the application mode:

    QuickFullQuick mode - choice of the rate, payment method and special requests - all on one screen.

    Full mode - the order is created on two screens: on the first screen, addresses and rate choice, and on the second - payment method, special requests and time.

    In payment methods, for legal entities, is the possibility of paying in cash and by a bank card to be hidden?

    HideDon't hide

    It is used when the taxi service cooperates with legal entities they work with only under an agreement that implies payment only from the organization's account.

    Hide the payment methods section?
    For services that work with companies transporting their employees

    Don't hideHide

    Step 3 - Interface


    This is the large scope with cars on it. This screen allows you to quickly fill in the destination address if there were trips earlier, and quickly go to edit address mode.


    HideDo no hide

    For taxi services that work with legal entities only under the contract and accept payment only from the company's account

    Step 4 - Rate choice

    Is it necessary to group rates into separate groups?

    Yes, configureNo

    If you have many rates similar by type, they can be combined into a group. For example, if you have a lot of trucks or minivans with different capacity characteristics.

    Are special rates required for advertising business partners?

    Yes, in the form of a link to the siteYes, in the form of a cardNo, we don't need rates for advertising business partners

    If you have business partners, or you have a side business that you would like to
    advertise, then the application has the opportunity to add a special rate to the set of rates, by selecting
    which the user can go to the business partner's contact card (with a website navigation button) or
    immediately open the partner's website inside the application. The amount of clicks to the partner's site is
    tracked in a special personal account according to the action metrics in the app, for each click to the site
    you can take some money from the business partner at will. To implement the partner card, you will need: the
    data content to be presented in the card (a rate icon, a picture of the company logo, the company name,
    contact information, a link to the website). To implement the display of the site immediately, you will only
    need a link to the site and an icon to choose from in the rates. Please, inform your personal manager about
    additional information on the partner's card.

    Write additional information for business partner cards:

    (the name in the rate, the name of the company, the link to the website, what should be
    the icon in the rate, the link to the picture of the business partner company to display in the card, a
    brief description of the company and contact information)

    Do you want to display the minimum order value from the TM rate if no destination address is specified?

    Displaynot display

    Step 5 - Synchronization of orders

    Is the ability to create multiple orders in the app at the same time to be configured?


    Step 6 - Editing Orders

    Should users be allowed to edit the order?

    Order editing allows users to change the driver before he is assigned to the order:
    destination addresses, rate, special requests, comments, another contact number (friend's number), pre-order
    time. After the driver is assigned to the order, only the destination (stop) address can be changed. Editing of
    payment methods is not provided.


    Step 7 - Feedback

    How to set up the call button?

    When pressed, dial the driver's personal numberWhen pressed, dial the dispatcher's numberWhen pressed, connect the client and the driver via Oktell at your company's expenseDo not use the connection button
    Are tips for drivers to be used?

    Is the user to be asked to rate the application in the market, after the first completed order?


    Do you want to include the option for attaching a photo to the trip evaluation?

    Step 8 - Registration in the app

    Specify which way to get the registration code to use in the application?

    Via SMS confirmation codeVia voice confirmation codeDo not use authorization by confirmation code
    Is it necessary for the user to specify an email when registering?

    Important!!! If email is made mandatory during registration, and the SMS (or voice
    message) confirmation code will also be used, then the user needs to go through double authorization, first
    confirm the email address, and then go through confirmation via SMS code (or voice message), which may cause
    inconvenience to the user, so we recommend not using it during registration, if necessary, the user will
    then fill it in in the profile, or it can be disabled altogether.

    Step 9 - Bonuses, referral system and promo codes

    Is the option to pay for trips with bonuses to be configured?

    Shall a referral system be introduced in the app? (Works only with bonuses)

    The user will receive a referral code at the end of the trip. If they share the code with a friend who has
    not used the app before, both will receive bonuses to the account. The referral system helps attract new
    users to the application.

    Shall the functionality for using promo codes (discount cards) be configured?

    Promo codes will help you track the effectiveness of promotions: if you place different
    codes on different advertisements, then when customers start entering codes in the application, it will be
    possible to calculate which advertisement attracted more attention.


    Step 10 - Account management by users

    Do you want to allow users to use a family account?

    Do you want to allow users to have a personal (non-cash) account in Taxi-Master?
    (Works only with bonuses)

    Do you want to allow users to top up their personal (non-cash) accounts by bank card in Taxi-Master?

    Do you want to use push notification on receipts or debits to user accounts?

    For those taxi services that are dealing with legal entities only under a contract and accept payment only from the account of the organization

    Do you want to hide the option to pay using a personal account for legal entities in the payment methods?

    For those taxi services that are working with legal entities that with to prohibit making payments as an individual for legal entities that belong to any organization with which you have a partnership agreement for the conveyance of employees

    Do you want to hide the payment methods section?

    For services that are dealing with companies that transport their employees

    Step 11 - Speeding up of order processing

    Do you want to set up an option that allows the user to speed up order processing?

    Users will be able to increase the price of the order to speed up the arrival of a taxi

    Yes, set up the speeding up of order processingNo
    Fill in the conditions that increase the cost of the order:
    For example: the step of adding a price of 1 dollar, the maximum threshold to 100 dollars, etc.
    Do you want to use a dialog that reminds you about the increase in the cost of your order?
    It is possible to remind users that they can raise the price of the order, and thereby increase the chance that drivers
    will accept the order faster

    Yes, use a reminderNo

    Step 12 - Creating multiple orders and synchronizing orders

    Do you want to set up synchronization of orders from the control room with the application?
    If a customer orders a taxi by phone, this order will also appear in the app during synchronization

    Yes, synchronization is neededNo, synchronization is not needed.
    Do you want to configure the option to create multiple orders simultaneously in the app?

    Specify the maximum number of orders that can be created through the app

    For example: more than 1

    Step 13 - User penalties for refusals of an order

    Shall a system of penalties be used for users?

    Yes, and enable a non-cash account for individualsNo

    In order to reduce the percentage of refusals from orders by users, it is possible to
    use penalties for refusal of an order, for the states when the driver accepted the order, and when the
    driver drove up to the delivery address.

    Step 14 - The current version of the TM

    Specify the version of the "Taxi-Master" complex you have installed:

    Help - About the program - The version of the database to build, for example (for
    TaxoPhone 13.0, version 3.11 is required)

    Click to save and send the form to the specified email